Recommended Mountains to Main Street Viewing Areas

T1 South Cove Campground – You will have ample shoreline to view your swimmer at multiple points in the swim.  Half of the campground is a direct view of the swim start.  A short walk takes you to a shore where you can watch as they come in from the swim.

View the bikes entering and runners leaving Travelers Rest: Sit outside at the Swamp Rabbit Brewery, the Tasting Room, or grab and ice cream at Pink Mamas and sit in the swings or under the gazebo where cyclists and runners will pass. You may miss transition if you’re chilling in one of these locations.

T2 Trailblazer Park, Travelers Rest (Please avoid Hwy 11) This is a large, open park with ample parking.  You will have several times to view your athlete here.
Breakfast, coffee, juice, lunch and more will be available at this location.


Furman, Swan Lake  The course traverses the perimeter of beautiful Swan Lake on the Furman University campus.  You will be able to view your athlete from multiple locations around the lake.

Additionally, we will have colored chalk at the expo that you can take Saturday to the Swan Lake hill, a short but very, very steep hill, in the middle of the Swan Lake run, to draw an encouraging message for your athlete.

Finish Line, TD Stage at the Peace Center Amphitheater This is a picturesque, intimate venue along-side the Reedy River.  You will be able to watch your athlete from the terraced seating or coming down the finish line (there is no standing on the river-side). And you will be able to finish with your athlete!