Triathlon Relay Teams

ALL Relay members MUST get body marked before the race.

The Relay category will have a wave swim start with additional age groups. Teams will receive one timing chip corresponding to your bib number.  The timing chip is your “baton.”  It must be handed off between teammates in order for your time to be recorded.  The timing chip must be worn ON THE LEFT ANKLE—not the wrist—at all times or the timing mats will not register your presence.

The neoprene ankle strap allows for easy transfer of the timing chip from swimmer to biker and biker to runner.  Please remember to pass off the timing chip to your team member for accurate results!

Your assigned location IN THE TRANSITION AREA is the hand-off point.  All members of the team may enter this area but they must be body marked or wear a bib number and/or helmet sticker. Swimmers will tag bikers at their assigned bike rack location in T1. Bikers must tag runners at their assigned bike rack location in T2.

Relay members do not have to remain in the transition area the entire race, but you do need to make sure you are at the bike rack in enough time to get yourself ready and for your team member to tag you.  When waiting in the Transition Area, please stay out of the way of other competitors. Please be courteous of other competitors as you wait for your team members!

All members of the relay team may enter the FINISH AREA to receive their medals or have a group photo taken.  Again, they must be body marked or wear a bib number and/or helmet sticker to enter.

Relay team members are responsible for getting themselves to the proper locations at the proper times. There is no transportation arranged to move relay team members.

Swim and bike relay members may pick up tickets for post-race beer and food at the information tent at the Expo.