A Day in the Life of an M2M Triathlete


  1. Collect your packet at Carolina Triathlon: Friday & Saturday at 123 Welborn St. Suite 203, Greenville, SC 29601
  2. Drive to Transition 1 in Seneca, SC (South Cove Park).
  3. Check in your bike and your Transition 1 Gear Bag.
  4. Drive from Seneca, SC to Transition 2 in Travelers Rest, SC (Trailblazer Park).
  5. This is a great chance to preview the bike route as well.
  6. Check in your Transition 2 Gear Bag on Saturday.
  7. At this point all your gear should be in place for race day and you should be ready to race.
  8. You can reverse #4, #3 and #2 and stay in a Seneca Hotel if your transportation arrangements permit.
  9. The event does not plan to provide shuttles from Downtown Greenville to the swim start after the race.


  1. If you are traveling alone or have no other ride to the swim start park at County Square in downtown Greenville.
  2. Board the athlete shuttle here. Shuttles will DEPART at 5:45AM. (You must have purchased a ticket to take the shuttle)
  3. If you are being driven to the swim start we recommend arriving at South Cove Park by 6:45 AM
  4. Event Start is 8:00AM.
  5. Swim with the bear…
  6. Upon exiting the swim place all your gear into the numbered bag (wetsuits, swim caps, goggles, towels, etc.) and leave at your bike rack.
  7. Bike with the eagle…
  8. Finish bike at Trailblazer Park and begin run.
  9. Run with the rabbit…
  10. Finish run in downtown Greenville and enjoy the Mountains to Main Street finish line festival.  Shuttle service will run back to T2 until 5:30 pm.  Pick up bikes by 7Pm.